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With the scent of tangerines and the Dankness of Kosher Kush, the Kosher Tangie is like no other strain DNA has created. Expect to see some very resinous flowers with that Cup winning taste and smell!Kush flavorednugs with citrus undertones or Tangieflavor with Kosher nugs you make the choice in this F1 hybrid, expect 3 phenotypes all being winners! This elite cutting was given to us by the Emerald Mountain farm while collaborating with them in Mendocino.This cannabis seed has a strong aggressive growth, but it is very resistant and offers a high production value.It yields strong branches that allow for the growth of large resinous colas dyed with beautiful purple and red hues.The saturated fats found in meat and dairy produce are not as bad for health as previously believed, a study has found.However, the scientists who conducted the research have warned against reaching for the butter dish.The latest findings confirm the conclusions of five previous systematic reviews of the supposed links between coronary heart disease and saturated fats and trans-fats, but Dr de Souza warned that changing the dietary guidelines is still not warranted.“If we tell people to eat less saturated or trans-fats, we need to offer a better choice.

Is perfectly adapted to all growing system (organic, coco, hydroponics,…) If conditions are optimal it can be overcome 23% THC. Enjoy this flower, having been grown in optimum conditions, can be one of the greatest pleasures for any cannabicultor.The scientists found that the consumption of industrial trans-fats was associated with a 34 per cent increase in all causes of mortality, a 28 per cent increase in death from coronary heart disease and a 21 per cent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with heart disease.Despite the failure to establish a link between the risk of ill health and premature death from eating foods containing saturated fats, Dr de Souza warned against taking these findings as a green light to eat more dairy foods, meat, eggs and milk chocolate – all rich in saturated fats.“For years everyone has been advised to cut out fats.Professor Tom Sanders, a retired nutritionist at King’s College London, said that the latest study should come with its own health warning as it largely relied on peoples’ memory of what they ate some time ago, which is notoriously unreliable.“Memory-based dietary recall is subject to substantial bias particularly for food items seen to be good or bad with under-reporting becoming more prevalent among those who are obese,” Professor Sanders said.Trans-fats were largely removed from the UK food chain ten years ago, while the intake of saturated fats has fallen by about 40 per cent since the 1970s, while polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oil and fatty fish have increased by 50 per cent, he said.“It would be foolish to interpret these findings to suggest that it is OK to eat lots of fatty meat, lashings of cream and oodles of butter,” Professor Sanders added.“The idea that we should revert to the Mary Berry diet of lashings of cream and butter is probably not a good idea,” he said.

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It is a hallmark of human societies that they seek to preserve a memory of the past, and have always done so.

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While you can’t avoid your own set of marital missteps and sins, you certainly can increase the odds of successes, small and large, by being a good student beforehand.

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